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My wind deflector, Wille R. style!

Almost insvisable too, I like that.



You will need:


  • Plexi-glass in the dimensions
  • Height = 250 millimeters
  • Width = 980 millimeters
  • A visit at your local hard-ware store
  • The hood comes up and down easily, no need to remove the shield. I have attached it to my roll-bar. I got the attatching points by welding a regular piece of iron to the roll-bar.
  • The shield is made in plexi-glass, 6 millimeter. Cost is neglectabile. Then, two aluminium strips 2 millimeter thick and 40 millimeter high holds it the plexi in a firm position.
  • Then a pair of door hangers from the local hardware store did it. I used dome nuts to make it look better ( I think it looks great).
  • I'm retired and years over 60, so this shield helps us to go on driving even in cold weather 
  • It is fixed at the B-pillar with self locking bolts and nuts.

May the photos speak for them selfes! So, now you may enjoy your Duetto even in wintertime! The measures are in cm. Use you Duetto to get the perfect mesures.



To attach the reel for the security belt, there is support from factory.



The base at the rear.



The loop, not needed if you use the factory support



Tha base at the B-pillar



What about a red 3-ňoimt set?