The Alfa Romeo Duetto, the Classic Spider.            I'm Wille R.

I launched my Duetto register in November 1995. A lot of years on the Internet.  And I am still here.  The Duetto Register is a non commercial and open register.


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Wille Roos Wille R. Duetto          Wille R. Alfa Romeo Duetto


We are now more than 2.425 Round-tails in the register which makes us the biggest on the Internet for the Alfa Romeo Duetto Round-tail Spiders!  The aim is to locate and preserve and protect the remaning Duetto Round-tails in the world. This register contains name and VIN of the Duetto Round tails and the owners. It has not been stripped and your name will appear until you tell me not to expose the information.


To get additional information about your Duetto here is the link to use.



There are Round-tails from the USA, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Japan, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Brazil, Liechtenstein, Singapore and so on .


Wille R. Duetto



The Register is based on the VIN, which means Vehicle Identification Number. In Europe we say Chassis numbers. The VIN is stamped on the firewall on the Duetto. 




Wille R.